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Smart gateway
Smart gateway

Independently developed by TSC Smart, its main function is to perform control operations or analyze data. It can realize remote and localized calculation and control. It is equipped with 2-4 independent acquisition and transmission channels. Each communication channel has 32 communication frequency bands for users to freely allocate. , adjust to ensure the stability of wireless communication.

Model: SNG-G6、SNG-G7、SNG-ST Special feature: ★ 4 Lora channels can be assigned to different control and collection devices to completely solve the problem of channel conflict. ★ Equipped with up to 32 communication frequency bands to improve the system's anti-interference ability. ★ Inch has preliminary edge computing capabilities. ★ OTA remote upgrade, remote configuration, remote work, and bug fixing at your fingertips. ★ Equipped with IoT operating system, easy to manage and take charge of tasks. Support local caching of data to ensure data integrity. ★ Supports local touch screen control and realizes two modes: local off-network control and remote control. ★ With GPS positioning function.
Parameter Specifications
Uplink communication GPRS(4G、3G、2G)、wifi、RJ45、RS485、SDI-12、RS232
Collect emission channel 2-4 independent Lora communication channels
Far EasTone Protocol HTTPS
Downstream communication 433MHz
Number of nodes ≤128
Communication distance 2-5km
Communication band 32个
Data storage Local/Cloud
Supply voltage DC12V
Power consumption 5W
Power supply Mains power/solar power
Dimensions 16×17×4.5cm
Ambient temperature -20°C - 60°C
Installation method Indoor/outdoor (waterproof box)