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Wireless tubular multi-layer soil moisture sensor
Wireless tubular multi-layer soil moisture sensor

Wireless multi-element weather monitoring station can be used to obtain real-time meteorological information of the crop growth microenvironment, such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, light intensity, rainfall, ultraviolet radiation, etc.: with self-cleaning function, built-in fan, and combined with satellite The local meteorological data collected in real time can provide weather forecasts for the next 72 hours, realize abnormal weather warnings such as temperature, precipitation probability, strong winds, and extreme weather in the next 24 hours, and improve the irrigation water utilization coefficient.

Model: WDC-4S-TMS 无线管式多层土壤墒情传感器 Special feature: ★ Data is automatically uploaded. ★ Local data cache. ★ Low battery warning. ★ Signal strength, power monitoring, ★ RTC clock automatic calibration. ★ Support OTA remote upgrade,
Technical specifications:
Parameter Specific performance
Communication distance 1000-5000m
Measure depth 10cm/20cm/40cm/60cm
Measuring range -50°C〜80°C
Measurement accuracy ±0.5℃/±5%
Power supply Battery (replaceable)/solar energy
Battery capacity LoRa29000MAH/3000MAHGPRS
Power consumption 100uA
Supply voltage DC 5-24V
protection power and peak protection circuits
Protocol LoRa/GPRS
Protection level IP68

Wireless tubular multi-layer soil moisture sensor