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Unmanned intelligent watering system for residential villas

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's economy and the continuous increase of national income, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of the living environment. The traditional community environment and property model are no longer able to meet the high-quality living environment requirements of some high-income people. need. At the same time, because some property companies do not have high awareness of community greening, do not pay enough attention to it, and invest less in maintenance funds, many communities still have the problem of "rebuilding and neglecting maintenance", resulting in a relatively low level of community greening maintenance. , it is difficult to consolidate the greening achievements, and it is difficult to play the landscape role and ecological function of greening vegetation.

The so-called "three parts to sow and seven parts to nourish", the importance of post-maintenance of community green vegetation is self-evident. Watering, as an indispensable part of post-maintenance of green vegetation, is not only directly related to the health status of community green vegetation, but also the way of watering. It can also affect the overall image of the community. After a survey of some high-end communities in Beijing, it was found that there are currently three major problems in community irrigation:

Unmanned intelligent watering system for residential villas

1.Watering method traditional

At present, most high-end communities in China use manual irrigation, which is connected to pipes at the water intake plug for irrigation. The workload is large and the area covered per unit time is limited, resulting in low irrigation efficiency. At the same time, manual watering is difficult to manage, and the image and quality of the staff are difficult to unify, which has a certain impact on the image of high-end communities.

2.Watering cost is high.

With the rapid development of society and the aging of the population, the labor force has decreased, resulting in higher and higher labor costs. According to foreign data, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, labor costs are as high as product costs. High-end communities have higher quality and technical requirements for greening maintenance workers, making the labor cost of greening maintenance higher.

3. Waste of water resources.。

Artificial watering mostly uses traditional flood irrigation. The amount of watering each time far exceeds the water demand of green vegetation. This wastes a lot of water and may cause soil hypoxia, hinder root respiration, reduce physiological functions, and lead to greening. Vegetation dies, affecting the beauty of green vegetation.

Unmanned intelligent watering system for residential villas

Program design principles

Build an intelligent community and realize "unmanned watering":

The control of all equipment during the watering process can be completed through mobile APP and computer client. After connecting to the smart camera, the staff can monitor the watering site in the office.

Make watering a landscape:

The smart retractable nozzles used in the smart watering system are only exposed to the ground when watering, and the spray angle and scattering direction of the nozzles are adjustable, making spraying a landscape.

Scientific and precise irrigation, saving water resources:

The intelligent irrigation system can automatically operate and shut down according to the water demand patterns of different green vegetation, so that the green vegetation is always in the best growth environment.

Program overview

TSC Smart unmanned intelligent watering system is an Internet of Things ecosystem independently developed by Beijing TSC Smart. The system connects to various wireless sensors (such as soil temperature, soil moisture, soil PH value, soil EC value, weather station, PM2 .5 and other sensing equipment), collects crop living environment data in real time, and transmits the data to the smart gateway through LoRa wireless communication technology. Combined with the water demand patterns of crops in different growth cycles, users can perform remote watering through the mobile APP Operation. At the same time, the system can also operate automatically, linking wireless sensing equipment and control equipment to automatically turn on and off water pumps, solenoid valves and other equipment to achieve intelligent, remote, and automated automatic irrigation operations for community greening.

During the operation, the equipment groups communicate wirelessly through the LoRa Internet of Things communication protocol. Users can perform one-click watering through the mobile APP, saving labor while making watering more efficient, accurate and scientific. Later, users can also query irrigation records and export record reports through the computer client.

Unmanned intelligent watering system for residential villas

Program design principles

Improve the quality of the community and create an intelligent community

After the introduction of the intelligent watering system, staff can remotely and wirelessly control watering through mobile APP or computer client, realizing "unmanned watering" in the community and greatly improving the quality of the community.

Reduce workload and save labor costs

After the introduction of the intelligent watering system, operators can complete large-area watering work by one person with only a mobile APP or computer client, which greatly improves work efficiency. After the introduction of integrated water and fertilizer technology in the later period, one person can complete the watering and pest and disease prevention work. This can not only reduce the investment of maintenance personnel, but also allow maintenance workers to spend a lot of time and energy on vegetation construction and weed removal. on, save effort and time and get the job done well.

Save labor cost analysis

Details Quantity Remark
Maintenance worker/person 12 The number of community caregivers is calculated as 12 people, and the per capita monthly salary is calculated as 4,000 yuan
Annual labor cost/yuan 576000 Maintenance worker expenses for one year
Use smart irrigation systems (annual savings) 428343.12

Save water

Source According to statistical data, shrubs, lawns and green landscapes require about 1.2-1.8m/year of water per square meter (take the median value of 1.5m/year). Take the 786,000 green area of a high-end community in Beijing as an example (the community covers an area of 1,310,000 square meters, greening rate 60%), the annual water demand is about 1,179,000m, and most of the current irrigation methods are flood irrigation, and the amount of watering is far greater than the actual water demand of the vegetation. TSC Smart intelligent watering system automatically starts and stops watering according to the actual water demand of green vegetation, and the watering time and watering amount are controllable. After many experiments and applications, it can achieve at least 30% water saving, at least one year. Achieved water saving of 353,700m, equivalent to the annual water consumption of 736 households of four (per capita annual water consumption is calculated as 120m). Reduce workload and save labor costs.

Save water

Details Quantity Remark
Green area(m³) 786000 The total area of the community is 1,310,000 m2, with a greening rate of 60%
Total annual water demand of green vegetation(m³) 1179000 The annual water demand of green vegetation in the community is about 1.2m3-1.8 m3, taking the median value of 1.5 m³/year
(m3)(m³) >1179000 Artificial watering is mostly flood irrigation, and the amount of watering is much greater than the actual water demand of the vegetation
Smart irrigation system water saving(m³) >353700 Intelligent watering system, watering on demand, can save at least 30% of water
Annual watering volume of intelligent watering system(m³) <825300
Annual domestic water consumption for a family of four(m³) 480 Per capita annual domestic water consumption is calculated based on 120m³
Amount of water saving available to owners (household) >736 The amount of water saved can be used by 736 households of four for at least one year
Savings on water bills per year (yuan) >884250 Community greening water is calculated at 2.5 yuan/m (including sewage charges)