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Wireless soil pH sensor
Wireless soil pH sensor Product number: WDC-4S-PHB Special feature: ★ Wireless Lora soil pH sensor, truly realizes online real-time monitoring of soil pH with a transmission distance of 2-5 kilometers. ★ Adopting internationally advanced solid dielectric and large-area polytetrafluoroethylene liquid junction, it is not easy to block and maintenance-free. ★ High integration, long life, low power consumption, small size and high reliability. ★ Easy to operate and can achieve remote one-click calibration. ★ The electrodes are made of high-quality low-noise cables, which can make the signal output length reach more than 20 meters.
Wireless soil pH sensor Technical specifications:
Parameter Specific performance
Measuring range pH:0〜14。
Accuracy ±0.02(pH 4〜9)
Resolution 0.01
Stability ≤0.02/24h
Power supply DC 5〜30V
Response time 5s
Output signal 0〜2V,4〜20mA,RS485...

Soil pH control::
pH value Soil acidity
<4.5 Strongly acidic
4.5〜5.5 Acidic
5.5〜6.5 Weekly acidic
6.5〜7.5 Neutral
7.5〜8.5 Weekly alkaline
9.5〜8.5 Alkaline
>9.5 Strongly alkaline
Scope of application: Suitable for water-saving agricultural irrigation, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grassland pastures, rapid soil testing, plant cultivation, scientific experiments, etc. area.
Suitable range of crops:
Crop Optimum pH range Crop Optimum pH range
Rice 5.7〜7.0 Broad bean 6.0〜8.0
Barley 6.0〜7.0 Tea 4.5〜5.5
Wheat 6.0〜7.0 Cotton 6.0〜8.0
Corn 6.0〜7.0 New watermelon 6.0〜7.0
Rape 5.8〜6.8 Tomato 6.0〜7.0
Soybeans 6.5〜7.5 Sugar cane 6.0〜8.0
peanut 5.0〜6.0 Licorice 7.2〜8.5