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Wireless multi-element weather monitoring station
Wireless multi-element weather monitoring station

Wireless multi-element weather monitoring station can be used to obtain real-time meteorological information of the crop growth microenvironment, such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, light intensity, rainfall, ultraviolet radiation, etc.; it has a self-cleaning function, a built-in fan, and is combined with satellite Local meteorological data collected in real time can provide weather forecasts for the next 72 hours, realize abnormal weather warnings such as temperature, precipitation probability, strong winds, and extreme weather in the next 24 hours, and improve the irrigation water utilization coefficient.

Model: MOS-XE Wireless multi-element weather monitoring station
Collection items Measure performance
Air temperature Measuring range:-40℃ - 70℃
Air humidity Measuring range:0-100%RH
Wind speed Measuring range:0-71.4m/s
Accuracy:±1%( ≤4.44m/s);±10%(≥4.44m/s)
Wind direction Measuring range:0-360°
UV radiation Measuring range:0-15index
Light intensity Measuring range:0-120000L
Rainfall Measuring range:0-200mm/h
Optional features Rain and snow sensors, etc.
Special feature: ★ Integrated design, built-in fan with self-cleaning function, improves data collection accuracy and extends service life. ★ Compact and beautiful structure, easy to install and disassemble. ★ Maintenance-free, no on-site calibration required. ★ Using advanced sensing technology for real-time measurement, ★ Connect to smart gateway, data 4G wireless transmission. ★ Can work around the clock and is not affected by heavy rain, ice, snow and frost. ★ Can measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and other weather conditions at the same time. ★ Suitable for use in scenes with strong wind and sand in the north.
Project Specific performance
Protocol Lora
Power supply Solar Energy/Power
Output method RS485
Communication distance 3-5km(Open areas)/1-3km(Urban road)