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智能水肥一体机(WFS-F 大田)
水肥机 水肥机 Basic function: 1) Support local touch screen, PC and mobile APP control; 2) Supports three-way automatic fertilizer suction, supports software to set the ratio of fertilizer channels and automatically distributes fertilizer according to the set ratio; 3) Supports multiple irrigation programs, and can set irrigation and fertilization plans through external factors such as timing, meteorological information, soil moisture, soil nutrients, etc.; 4) Supports access to three channels of automatic mixed fertilizer irrigation, with a mixed fertilizer irrigation capacity of 500-1000L (can be customized); 5) Supports access to external water pumps to control main irrigation and fertilization pipes, local touch screen switch, automatic switch following irrigation and fertilization program, all support software remote settings: 6) Support wireless access to ultrasonic water meters to monitor main pipeline flow in real time: 7) Support wireless access to pressure transmitters to monitor main pipeline pressure in real time: 8) Support valve operating status display and fault alarm; 9) Support irrigation area setting and control, support manual control and irrigation plan control of all equipment in the irrigation area; 10) Supports wheel irrigation setting and one-click wheel wetting function: 11) Support real-time monitoring of Lora signal strength.
Parameter Specifications
Equipment type Bypass fertilizer spreader
power supply 220V、380V
Control method Local touch screen, mobile APP, computer WEB terminal
communication method 4G+Lora
Fertilizer suction channel Three channels (1-6 channels can be customized)
Channel fat absorption power 0.73-5.5KW/td>
Fertilizer flow 300-600L/H (can be customized and expanded)
Pipeline pressure 0.2-1MPa (more than 10 kg pressure can be customized)
Inlet and outlet size DN25
Sensing Detection EC、pH

水肥机 水肥机 水肥机 水肥机 水肥机