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Wireless electric butterfly valve series
Wireless electric butterfly valve serie

Wireless Electric Valve Controller WVC series wireless electric valve controller does not require wiring of power lines and can realize on/off control of electric valves for more than 30,000 times. Communicates with the smart gateway using LoRa wireless transmission mode to detect battery power in real time and notify users in advance of replacement without affecting production, production work.

It is suitable for field planting, river chief management, water conservancy projects, and rural water-saving irrigation.

Product number: WEV-D2: two-way butterfly valve; WEV-D3: Three-way butterfly valve.
Special feature: ★ Control status feedback. ★ Supports power signal strength monitoring. ★ Support timing settings. ★ Intelligent linkage wheel wet and other control modes. ★ Supports fault warning and positioning.。 Wireless electric butterfly valve serie Product number:
Parameter Specifications
Protocol Lora
Communication distance 2-5km
Power supply Solar + battery (replaceable)
Switch angle 0/30°/60°/90°
force distance maximum output 100N-M
Switching time ≤30s(DN80)
Pipe diameter range DN50-300
Valve body material Cast iron, PVC
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Protection level IP68