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Industrial and mining dust removal automatic spray control system

With the rapid development of modern industry, there are more and more places such as road construction, subway construction, power plants, port terminals, coal mines, chemical plants, etc., and these places will produce excessive amounts of dust, which can easily cause environmental pollution. Relevant government departments have issued relevant regulations to control and restrict pollution in this area, and more and more companies are taking active and effective measures to control dust removal and dust reduction at construction sites.

Industrial and mining dust removal automatic spray control system

Using a large spray gun to spray water to suppress dust and prevent dust is an effective method. The high-pressure water flow passes through specially designed nozzles to form a uniform rain curtain with a radius of tens of meters, and the effect is very ideal. After water is atomized, it forms small water droplets of different sizes moving at high speed, which combine and adhere to dust particles of different sizes in the air. They are continuously gathered and reduced through the surface tension of water, achieving the effects of dust reduction and air leaching.

Wireless intelligent spray dust protection system composition

(1)Sensing layer: Integrate wireless sensing equipment such as weather stations, PM2.5 sensors, CO2 sensors, CO sensors, H2S sensors, etc. to accurately sense the pollution gas conditions at the construction site in real time, which can be viewed through the mobile APP interface or computer client .

(2)Control layer (feedback layer): Integrate wireless intelligent control equipment such as wireless water pump controllers, wireless pressure meters, wireless spray solenoid valve controllers, etc. No wires or buried pipes are allowed. Users can use mobile APP or computer client. Remote control. At the same time, smart dome cameras can also be connected to provide real-time feedback on the work conditions at the construction site.

Solution advantages

1. Automatically remove dust to reduce dust complaints.

2. The vehicle can be automatically flushed.

3. Real-time monitoring of construction site meteorological information.

4. Cool down the construction site and improve labor comfort.

Industrial and mining dust removal automatic spray control system

Features of wireless intelligent spray dust reduction system:

1.The equipment groups form their own Internet of Things, without the need to lay out additional lines, saving line costs and electricity consumption while reducing operational risks.

2.Intelligent and humanized control mode: multiple control modes to choose from
①Fully automatic control, the solenoid valve is linked with PM2.5 and other sensors. When the dust reduction and dust removal standards are met, the water pump solenoid valve will be automatically opened for operation. At the same time, during the operation, there will be feedback on the on-site operation conditions and the pressure of the water pipe.
②Manual mode, it can be manually controlled on site if necessary temporarily. The control valve of the spray gun station has its own manual switch function, which can be operated by on-site operators.
③Timing function, multiple time periods can be set within a day. When the set time is reached, the system will automatically turn on.

3.Convenient operation: Intelligent, automated and remote system operation, simple and clear operation interface, users can start dust reduction and dust removal operations anytime and anywhere through the mobile APP, it is easy to get started and does not require dedicated operation.