At the end of the contract, the service never ends! TSC Smart after-sales service team for 19 years project free upgrade!

In February and March of spring, the grass and water are the same color. Spring comes early when people are diligent, and it is the right time to make progress. March is the season of recovery and vigorous growth of all things, as well as the season of hard work and struggle.

With the spring breeze of March, the TSC Smart after-sales service team ushered in the first after-sales service in 2021 and came to the Changji National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Changji City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which was still covered in ice and snow. This project is the first electric valve wireless automatic control project implemented by our company in Xinjiang. It was debugged and officially put into use in May 2019. The entire system has been running stably for nearly two years. Recently, this system will shine again under the professional service of TSC Smart after-sales engineers and complete longer service.

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After years of project practice and independent research and development, and in cooperation with many domestic central enterprises, listed companies and local leading enterprises, TSC Smart intelligent irrigation control system has been put into service in many areas of Xinjiang, and is in the "National High-Quality Cotton Production Base" Shaya County, known as the "Last Tear of the Atlantic Ocean" - Bole City where Sailimu Lake is located, the Heruo Railway that crosses the Taklimakan Desert, and the northwest edge of the Jungar Basin, the seventh largest basin in the world , a "black oil" city born and prospered by oil - Karamay.

Next, let’s experience the beautiful scenery of the ice and snow on site and the high enthusiasm of our front-line engineers!

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