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Smart Agriculture

Internet of Things shed environment intelligent monitoring system

Modern livestock and poultry breeding is an intensive industry with "high input, high output and high efficiency". Compared with developed countries, the intensification of livestock and poultry breeding in my country is mainly characterized by labor intensification. On the one hand, labor intensification requires a large amount of manpower and natural resources, and on the other hand, it will also pollute the environment to a certain extent.

TSC Smart uses advanced Internet of Things technology to wirelessly and real-time collect the parameters of farmed animals and the environment in the house through various sensors, and makes information decisions based on the collected data, and remotely and intelligently controls the corresponding equipment, so that the environment of the farmed animals and the house are always at the best State, while scientific breeding and safe operation, it can achieve the effects of resource conservation, cost reduction and income increase.

Internet of Things shed environment intelligent monitoring system

System functions

Intelligent monitoring system

Real-time collection of farm environmental information (carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, air temperature and humidity, noise, dust, etc.) and livestock and poultry growth behaviors (eating, water diversion, excretion, etc.) through sensors and remote wireless transmission technology, and real-time monitoring of the facilities Breeding environment information, timely warning of abnormal situations, and reduce losses.

Video surveillance system

Setting up movable monitoring equipment in the breeding area can realize real-time and remote monitoring of the on-site environment, allowing managers to promptly discover problems encountered during the breeding process, find and analyze the causes, and ensure safe production.

Intelligent control system

Realize centralized, remote, and linked control of the environment in the breeding house (including illumination, temperature, humidity, etc.). The control layer mainly includes temperature control, humidity control, ventilation control, light control and regular feeding and water feeding.

Database management system

Based on material management, it is convenient to inventory the input and output of feed, semen, veterinary drugs, etc., and avoid inventory vacancies or backlogs. Based on sales management, customer resource information and sales information can be entered in real time.

Internet of Things shed environment intelligent monitoring system

System Features

①The system interface is clear, highly intelligent, simple to operate and easy to use.

②The equipment is all wirelessly connected, eliminating the need for wires and pipelines, saving construction and installation costs, making production operations safer and avoiding risks.

③Reduce later personnel investment and save operating costs. One or two people can complete breeding monitoring, equipment control and other operations.

④The system has diversified control modes and can also customize functions, such as historical record report export, etc., to meet the different needs of users.