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Baofeng Ranch No. 1 reservoir supporting irrigation project for 3,300 acres of clover planting area
Baofeng Ranch No. 1 reservoir supporting irrigation project for 3,300 acres of clover planting area

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is the most urgent mission in the world today. The Chinese government made a commitment at the 75th United Nations General Assembly to strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. The ninth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Commission pointed out that the "14th Five-Year Plan" is a critical period and a window period for carbon peaks. It is necessary to control the total amount of fossil energy, build a new power system with new energy as the main body, and promote the realization of green and low-carbon technologies. A major breakthrough. This means that the photovoltaic industry has ushered in a historic development opportunity, and it also means that it is extremely urgent to accelerate digital technology to help new energy become the main energy source.

Baofeng Ranch No. 1 reservoir supporting irrigation project for 3,300 acres of clover planting area

Photovoltaic is the future development trend. Agricultural and photovoltaic complementary power stations can not only maximize the composite utilization of land resources, but also help save energy and reduce emissions, and can continuously and effectively improve the ecological environment here.

Baofeng Ranch No. 1 Reservoir 3,300 acres of clover planting area supporting irrigation project, in cooperation with Beijing Tianzheng Hi-Tech Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., actively responds to national policies, caters to the trend of digital technology to help new energy development, efficiently realizes the complementarity of light and agriculture, and realizes the ranch The construction area is 4,264 acres, and the actual clover planting area is about 3,300 acres. The planting coverage rate between each photovoltaic row is about 77.6%. clover is not only an excellent forage resource, but also can improve the soil. This project not only increases the income of the pasture, It also contributes to desert control and soil improvement. .

After the project is put into use, the planting workers can use the Tianzheng Hi-Tech mobile APP to realize regular and quantitative watering of the clover planting areas in the pasture area, saving labor to come to the site to water and turn off the manual valve switches, which greatly improves efficiency. Water-saving irrigation, uniform irrigation, etc. Realize intelligent management, water-saving irrigation, and scientific irrigation.

The software part includes the Deep Thought Brain intelligent management system and the smart field monitoring and control map developed by Tianzheng Hi-Tech. Based on the Internet of Things and cloud platform, combined with Lora Internet of Things wireless communication technology and wireless control of irrigation equipment, a set of Internet of Things wireless Intelligent control system is a management system that integrates environmental monitoring, process monitoring, cloud applications, intelligent control and other full-process functional operations. The accuracy of the collected values ​​can effectively allow users to understand the current status of irrigation operations, which is more conducive to subsequent maintenance by staff. Realize intelligent closed-loop management so that data can be queried, analysis is based, and planting is more scientific.

Baofeng Ranch No. 1 reservoir supporting irrigation project for 3,300 acres of clover planting area

The construction of the "agri-photovoltaic complementary" project can not only effectively utilize solar energy resources while taking into account agricultural production, increase the added value of the land, but also bring new development opportunities to the local economy. After the project is put into use, a comprehensive industrial development pattern will be formed with photovoltaics on top, agriculture on the ground, and surrounding energy industries. Increase industry income, increase land utilization, and effectively drive local economic development. Continuously promote development and effectively promote rural revitalization.

Photovoltaic power generation saves energy and reduces emissions, making the world cleaner, safer and more abundant in energy utilization. Its intensity and significance are very important to enterprises, countries and even the entire society; and "photovoltaic complementarity" is undoubtedly a new trend in the field of photovoltaic applications. A breakthrough; it also represents a new direction for agriculture, achieving a win-win situation for farmers, the government, and enterprises; it effectively promotes an increase in people's income and enables them to make money and take care of their families. Let knowledge be transformed into productivity, achieve green transformation, create economic benefits, and help farmers embark on the road of happiness and common prosperity; the village collective economy continues to develop and grow, the village committee can "do things with money", and rural governance capabilities continue to improve; changing the simple Driven by the "blood transfusion" of input of funds and projects, it has begun to "self-generate" industrial development to increase corporate income. At the same time, industrial modules can be copied and customized to achieve "blooming everywhere" and increasing income in various places.

Beijing TSC Smart gives full play to its professional core advantages, relies on strong technical strength, forges ahead and keeps moving forward, for the integrated development of "photovoltaic and agricultural complementarity", explores "photovoltaic +" for photovoltaic enterprises, and achieves the goal of increasing land utilization, reducing photovoltaic costs and assisting Contribute to rural revitalization.