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Smart agriculture

Yiyuan County Digital Orchard Big Data Platform
Yiyuan County Digital Orchard Big Data Platform

In view of the outstanding problems existing in the orchard production process, such as high labor costs, low labor efficiency, high work intensity, and low equipment level, through artificial intelligence, Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, intelligent robots, blockchain and other technical means, Deeply integrated with advanced planting models, a new model of China-Israel smart orchards has been created, which realizes the "digitization of the production process", "intelligent decision-making process", "precision of water, fertilizer and chemical spraying" and "unmanned planting process" of the smart orchard. An overall "smart orchard" solution that is replicable, popularizable and universal has been formed, and demonstration and promotion has been carried out. The "smart orchard" has driven the transformation and upgrading of the apple industry.

Yiyuan County Digital Orchard Big Data Platform

1. Digitization of the production process

Establish a big data management system for cultivation specifications of short stock, wide rows and dense planting, orchard mapping, fruit tree plant protection, climate monitoring, yield estimation, pest and disease prediction, as well as orchard geographical information and ownership information.

It has achieved detailed data records of soil, fertilizer, water and disease during the apple growth period, as well as comprehensive collection of periodic fruit tree growth management data. Through the orchard QR code, full traceability management has been achieved, and the time and amount of each fertilization and medication can be queried at any time. Ensure food safety.

Yiyuan County Digital Orchard Big Data Platform

2. Intelligent decision-making process

Based on the real-time and dynamic agricultural Internet of Things sensing system (various sensors, weather stations, soil moisture monitoring stations, etc.), rapid, multi-dimensional, and multi-scale real-time monitoring of orchard information can be realized on weather, water, and soil. The intelligent AI video collection and analysis system realizes the full management details of fruit tree planting, growth to flowering and fruiting. Based on the crop period model, the agricultural operation service cycle map is reconstructed to realize early warning, analysis, guidance and decision-making based on big data. Through events and automatic push, it helps technicians arrange and execute tasks more accurately, realizing disaster/ Early warning of pests and diseases, scientific execution of agricultural operations. Help fruit farmers improve management efficiency, achieve increased production, reduce costs, and upgrade industry quality.

Yiyuan County Digital Orchard Big Data Platform

This project has a total area of ​​300 acres and two pump rooms, which are divided into one sun greenhouse, one linkage greenhouse, and 55 film greenhouses. The two pump rooms are equipped with intelligent water and fertilizer integrated equipment, automatic irrigation equipment, and data collection equipment. 2 sets of automatic sand and gravel filter + automatic laminated filter, remote integrated water and fertilizer control. 2 sets of constant voltage frequency conversion cabinets, 1 set of weather station, all-in-one sensors (temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide, etc.), and 48 sets of wireless irrigation solenoid valves to achieve wheel irrigation or remote control via mobile phone or computer.

3. Precise spraying of water, fertilizer and pesticides

Introducing and innovating Israeli water and fertilizer integration technology, based on big data information and planting expert knowledge system, management equipment can be opened remotely, automatically or manually for control. It realizes automatic control and precise spraying of intelligent irrigation and intelligent fertilization in orchards. Based on the remote sensing information of orchard pests and diseases, the spraying robot is guided to intelligently and accurately apply pesticides. The application of water, fertilizer and pesticides has been significantly reduced and the ecological environment has been protected.

4. The planting process is unmanned

Agricultural production operations in the park realize automatic operation of integrated water and fertilizer equipment by issuing wireless instructions in the command and control center, and intelligent agricultural robots navigate autonomously according to planned paths to complete orchard water and fertilizer spraying, rotary tillage, mowing, trenching and fertilization and other plant protection tasks. and job functions. Successfully realized the comprehensive perception and interconnection of people, objects and information in the park, and innovated a new model of "mobile phone farming".

Through the smart orchard cloud platform management system and the integration and application of water and fertilizer integration technology, Internet of Things technology, intelligent robots, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, planting water can be saved by more than 40%, chemical fertilizer application amount can be reduced by more than 60%, and orchard labor costs, The labor intensity is reduced by 80%, the amount of chemical pesticides is reduced by more than 30%, the high-quality commodity fruit rate is increased by more than 5%, and the net income is increased by 5-10%. The economic benefits are very significant, truly increasing production and improving efficiency. At the same time, it has better maintained the inherent stable ecosystem of the orchard, promoted the construction of "ecological orchards", and the ecological benefits are also very significant. This project management can realize the functions of safety early warning, source traceability, flow traceability, information query, responsibility identification, and product recall. It has comprehensively promoted the development of the entire industrial chain of fruit seedling research and development, planting bases, sightseeing and picking, refrigerated storage and transportation, e-commerce, and socialized services. 15,000 acres of smart orchards have been replicated and promoted, 35,000 acres of smart orchards have been demonstrated and promoted, 100 people have been cultivated, and the surrounding economy has been increased by 30 million yuan.

Yiyuan County Digital Orchard Big Data Platform